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Animal Acting

How Does My Pet Become an Animal Actor? 

 Great Training!

Advertisers love to use animals in their ad work. Those opportunities can present themselves in any industry - not just pet products! They are produced in studios, homes, outdoors, along busy streets, or even in the back woods! Training and exposure to different environments either by you or a professional trainer is essential for prepping your animal for set work. Training dogs and cats  for a few simple behaviors - sit, solid stay, down, come, and stand go a long way in scoring that first job! Not a trainer?  Don't know where to start?  We can help with that! If you are in the St. Louis Metro area, we offer in-home training sessions.  Instant message Got Pet-ential on Facebook or Instagram for more information on our in-home training!  If you are not in the St. Louis area, we have a network of professional trainers we can refer you to across the US and Canada!  

For the feline actors, check out our one-of-a-kind CatBossTV Cat Training mobile app and build your cat's resume today!  Available on the App Store and Google Play now!  

Great Photos!

A picture is worth a thousand words!  You may have the perfect animal for a project, but you need outstanding photographs and videos of your pet to get the client's and producer's attention!  See our "Submit Profile" Page for tips on getting your pet noticed. Our clients usually have a very specific look in mind and/or behaviors  when hiring animals for their projects, so it's essential you present your animal at their very best! 

No photos?  No problem - if you live in the St. Louis Metro area or nearby!  We have professional grade cameras, lighting, and props that we can bring to your home for a private photo session, or sign up for one of our Say Cheeze and Wine parties where we take your photos, and while you wait, you can sample some clean-crafted wine and cheese - and cheese for your dog.   Check out some of our work above and sign up today!   

Join Our Talent Database!

 We use the talent agency management system, Skybolt, to build our clients a portfolio of animal actors to choose from that meet the unique requirements of their project.  If you have ever gone through a casting call with another agency, you know that it can be a never-ending process of e-mails and photo submissions for each job- not with us. If you build a profile in our Skybolt database and keep it updated we will have all your photos and information at our fingertips. While we do not require you to have a profile made  to respond to casting calls we advertise on Social Media,  you will need a profile to be submitted for a job. After a free 30-day trial, the Skybolt vendor does charge a monthly fee and you can cancel and reactivate at any time.  Your account is not deleted if you cancel - if you reactivate, all your information will still be there!  However, if you keep an active profile and we have a rush project request, having a live account gives you a distinct advantage if you meet the project's criteria.  

We truly believe that Skybolt gives us a competitive advantage over our competition because it streamlines the casting process for our clients, and the more jobs we get, the more chances for your animal to be cast!   Check it out today, and remember, the first 30 days are free but you must notify Skybolt if you wish to cancel after the free trial expires.  

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