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Submit a Profile

Why Submit a Profile?

Our clients often have very specific requirements based on the needs of their brand, marketing research, and a whole host of other factors, which can change in the blink of an eye.  They can also have a very short timeline for casting, and if we can find you quickly in our database, our client may pick YOU if you meet their requirements.  While there is a cost to keep your account continuously active,  one booked job typically covers the cost for more than a year. You can submit a profile at anytime, not just during casting calls.  We are happy to review your profile at your request and help you put your animal's best paw forward!  

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How To Submit a Profile

  • Click on the "Submit Profile" button or go to  This is a link to our unique database; if you go to the main database you will end up in Skybolt's generic database and there will be a delay before they assign you to our database.   If you don't see a screen like the one above with the Got Pet-ential name and logo on it, please contact Skybolt or us for help before signing up.

  • After you create your account,  you will be asked to  submit a credit or debit card information, even though you will NOT be charged for 30 days. This is Skybolt's policy and a limitation on their system.   If you do not wish to continue after your free trial, you must remember to cancel or they will charge you. 

  • During the enrollment process, you will need to decide whether you want to open a single profile account or a multiple profile account.   You can submit as many photos and videos as you want on any profile, and our multiple profile account allows you to submit as many profiles as you want!   (Please submit litters of puppies and kittens as one profile).

  • Once you create your account, start adding your animal profiles!   The more specific information you can give us, the better your chances of being selected.   

Tips For Submitting a Great Profile



Professional photos are preferred but not a must. Put your best paw forward! Make your best headshot your profile picture to get noticed! For formal portraits, well-groomed animals are a must and good grooming is generally recommended for all photos and videos, unless it's a lifestyle photo and appearance of the animal adds character - but it should not be the first photo in your profile!  

Candid and lifestyle photos and videos are great - add as many as you want - but they are not a substitute for formal headshot, standing, and sitting poses from all sides of your animal.  Candids from a phone are fine to submit, but please make sure they are clear and crisp and your animal is the main focus.   Avoid taking close-up photos looking down on the animal - get down to the animal's level or put the animal on a table or other raised platform.   Professional quality photos are always best.   We would love to help you with your photography needs - please check out our Animal Acting page for ways we can help.  


BE ACCURATE IN YOUR ASSESSMENT OF YOUR ANIMAL'S APPEARANCE AND CAPABILITIES.   This is so important in matching your animal to the right job and setting them and us up for success! Take advantage of the amazing profile builder in our database. Here you will be able to add all your pets special talents, attributes, behaviors, personality traits and accomplishments. 

Casting Process

Casting Call

This means that we have a new project that we are excited about and we are looking for the very best animal talent! We will start by searching our database for all of the animals that match our client's criteria for the job. We may also extend that casting call on our social media channels to further our search for the perfect candidate.

Submitted for Casting

This is great news for your pet! We have submitted your pets' profile to the clients for their consideration. Keep an eye out for further communication regarding the project because  timelines are tight and you don't want to miss your big opportunity should you be selected for the job. 


Your Pet is HIRED!

Your pets' big day is here and it's your time to shine! Congratulations! Please block out the entire day that has been designated for the shoot and arrange for time off of work and child/pet care. Flexibility is needed because the schedule can be fluid and there are a lot of moving parts to coordinate. Details regarding set behavior, grooming, feeding, call times and location will be shared via email prior to the production date.

Pocket Pets Too!

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