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    Its time to add your pet into our database! Here are a few things to be aware of before building your pets profile. Remember that your pets profile is THE ONLY way that brands will know your pets special skills, tricks, look, etc. Be sure to fill it out completely, accurately, and beautifully.

    Tip: a photo is worth a thousand words. In this case - a photo is your pets only way to make an impression on the brands. Make sure you submit great photos so the brands know how great your pet is. Read on to find out what makes a great photo.



    Have adequate lighting whether the photo is taken indoors or outdoors

    Take your pets photo at their level, not taken looking down at them

    Pet should be looking at camera

    No blurry or grainy photos

    Pet is clean and groomed

    No phone snapshots

    Clean and clear backdrop or background


    A variety of shots are expected. Please provide us with:

    Two full body shots – one standing to the left and one standing to the right

    A tight head shot – head towards camera/looking at camera

    A sitting shot – head towards camera/looking at camera 


    Photos Not to Submit

    You are welcome to submit as many photos of your pet as you would like but please keep in mind that we will have to reject the following photos as we can only show the best of the best to brands:

    Multiple dogs in photo

    People in photo, dog not cleary visible

    Photo not lit properly

    Face not visible

    Photo taken from above, dirty background

    Looking away from camera

    Photo taken from above the animal

    Blurry photo

    Too many accessories to where animal is not the focus

     Examples of unfit photos


    Here at Got Pet-ential, we are dedicated to providing the best experience for our brand clients AND our animal talent owners. In order to do that, we use the Skybolt program. This system is trending now and becoming an industry norm among production companies as well as human and pet talent agencies. We are starting to get ahead of the game by giving our clients the best experience with Got Pet-ential 

    Just to name a few of its useful functionalities:

    Ability for owners to sign in and edit/update photos, info, etc

    Owners can add UNLIMITED photos and videos

    You can have multiple animals on one account

    We are able to search for animals 100x easier and faster by tricks, looks, and more! 

    Direct communication to Got Pet-ential through email, text, or Skybolt dashboard messaging - all correspondence will be forwarded to your Skybolt dashboard, email, and text so you don't miss any opportunities!

    Ability to update availability calendar for animals

    Tech support through Skybolt - this allows us more time to cater to casting your animals for jobs!


    IMPORTANT:  Skybolt is a paid program. Don't let that turn you away, remember, it will pay for itself on your first booked job! PLUS - Your first month is free! In order to be casted for jobs, everyone in our current database will need to transfer over to the new system. The current database will be taken down before the first of the year and we will no longer have access to it or will use it for casting purposes. Like any membership or subscription, you can cancel at anytime. Your profile will stay in our database but you will have to reinstate your subscription for us to send your profile off for casting consideration. We will still be able to contact you about jobs on the system if you do cancel your account, but we won't be able to submit your pet for a job until your account has been reinstated for that month.

    Pricing: Animal owners have the option to pay monthly or yearly. It is $108 per year for one animal and $162 per year for unlimited animals. Per month that is only $9 for one animal or $13.50 for unlimited animals. Monthly or yearly payments will be charged by Skybolt, not Got Pet-ential. For any payment issues, please reach out to Skybolt directly.

    FAQ About The Skybolt Database

    ADDING MULTIPLE ANIMALS If you have multiple pets to add you can add them after making your initial profile for one pet. Once one pet is completed, you can find the "add talent" button in the top left corner of your dashboard using the drop down button by your first pets photo.

    FREE TRIAL Your first month is free. You will need to add your credit card info to be able to create an account, but your card will not be charged until after the first month.

    • HEADSHOTS Your pets headshot is one of the most important parts of their profile. You are able to select one photo as their headshot. If you see that the headshot you selected has changed, it may be because we thought another photo would be more appealing to clients!

    PHOTOS We may have to remove a photo if it doesn't meet our criteria. Scroll up to see general criteria. Having the ability to add unlimited photos gives us a little more flexibility with photos, but we still like to keep profiles looking sharp and professional. If we notice we need more photos from you, we will reach out. Otherwise, if you have other sufficient photos on file, we will just remove the ones that don't fit the criteria.

    CALENDAR Make sure to keep your calendar updated with your availability so we know when your aren't available. 

    IMAGE TAGGING This is a very helpful tool that lets us sift through certain photos to find what we are looking for. Please tag each and every one of your photos/videos with the appropriate tags:

    - Headshot (must have at least one of these photos): for headshots, close up face shots. Make sure your pet is looking AT the camera, not up or down.

    - Sitting Shot (must have at least one of these photos): for sitting photos.

    - Side Profile tag (must have at least 2 of these photos): for side body profiles. We ask for two, the left and right.

    - Project Specific tag: If we need photos or videos for casting purposes (example: teeth photos, chewing videos, etc) this is how we will find them. 

    - Tricks tag: Tag your videos and photos of tricks with the trick tag.

    Thanks for taking the time to find out what being an animal actor is all about and how to put your best paw, hoof, or wing forward with a spectacular profile!



    For the first time we will be offering animal actor evaluations! We will now be able to test your animal in a public environment with distractions to see how they would do in a studio type setting and give you tips on what to work on to get paid jobs! We will expose them to a studio flash, test them with human models, and much more!

    Evaluations will take place in Saint Louis, Missouri. Dates and sign ups will be announced first on our Facebook page. There will be a limited number of scheduled spots available for each date. To stay updated on when the first evaluation will take place, follow us on on our Facebook page: