Getting Started


Animal acting is a fun and amazing experience for both you and your pets! Your pet will not only gain valuable skills and exposure, but they have the pet-ential to be famous! When Got Pet-ential receives job specifications from brands, we look into our database first to find animals that fit the specifications outlined by the brand for the job. Each job has specific criteria for the animal talent they are looking for. The brand determines this criteria through market research, brand cohesion tactics, and brand awareness strategies. We then run their criteria through our database to find the best matches for the jobs!

How do I get started?

The first step to get your animal into acting is to sign your pet up with us in our database. Through our database, we are able to stay updated on each and every animals availability and skills so that we can cast the right animal for the right jobs! Owners are encouraged to update, upload, and fill out as much info as they can on their pets profiles so that they can show the brand just how incredible their pet really is! We also advice updating your availability regularly so that we know when to reach out for projects.


It is ultimately the brands decision on who they choose for each project. We give them multiple options to choose from, and they let us know who fits the bill. If your pet is not chosen this time around - do not be discouraged - there will be plenty of more opportunities for your pet to be casted!


In the production industry, we use some sayings and lingo when casting and hiring animals for projects. Here is what we mean: 

Casting- We have a new project and we are looking for animals that fit the brands criteria. During the casting process, we will reach out to multiple animals to get availability, skill clarification, more photos, and sometimes even video content. If we say your animal is being casted, this does not mean that they are hired just yet! It just means that their profiles were given to the brand for consideration.

Casting Call - Occasionally we will post casting calls on our Facebook page. This could mean that we did not find an animal in our database that fit the brands criteria or it could mean we just need to get availability very quickly. It could also be due to an out of town location, specific tricks, or even the look of the animal.

Submitted for Casting - If we have reached out to you about a project that your pet fits the criteria for, we may tell you that they have been submitted, being casted, or submitted for casting. This means that we will be sending your pets profile to the brand for consideration. We will reach out to you if your pet is selected for the project!

Hired - This means that, you guessed it, your pet was selected for job! Your pet made it through casting considerations and they are now going to get to work on this project. If your pet is hired for a job, you are responsible for making sure your pet gets there at the time we specify and that they leave when designated. We recommend blocking out the entire day for a project as production can be unpredictable at times.

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