FAQ About The Skybolt Database

ADDING MULTIPLE ANIMALS If you have multiple pets to add you can add them after making your initial profile for one pet. Once one pet is completed, you can find the "add talent" button in the top left corner of your dashboard using the drop down button by your first pets photo.

FREE TRIAL Your first month is free. You will need to add your credit card info to be able to create an account, but your card will not be charged until after the first month.

  • HEADSHOTS Your pets headshot is one of the most important parts of their profile. You are able to select one photo as their headshot. If you see that the headshot you selected has changed, it may be because we thought another photo would be more appealing to clients!

PHOTOS We may have to remove a photo if it doesn't meet our criteria. Scroll up to see general criteria. Having the ability to add unlimited photos gives us a little more flexibility with photos, but we still like to keep profiles looking sharp and professional. If we notice we need more photos from you, we will reach out. Otherwise, if you have other sufficient photos on file, we will just remove the ones that don't fit the criteria.

CALENDAR Make sure to keep your calendar updated with your availability so we know when your aren't available. 

IMAGE TAGGING This is a very helpful tool that lets us sift through certain photos to find what we are looking for. Please tag each and every one of your photos/videos with the appropriate tags:

Headshot (must have at least one of these photos): for headshots, close up face shots. Make sure your pet is looking AT the camera, not up or down.

Sitting Shot (must have at least one of these photos): for sitting photos.

Side Profile tag (must have at least 2 of these photos): for side body profiles. We ask for two, the left and right.

Project Specific tag: If we need photos or videos for casting purposes (example: teeth photos, chewing videos, etc) this is how we will find them. 

Tricks tag: Tag your videos and photos of tricks with the trick tag.