Covid- 19

Last update: 4/27/2020

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are taking every precaution to limit exposure of the virus to our team, outside crew, human talent, animal talent, and owners.

For projects to move forward for on-location shoots and outside studio shoots, we are implementing the following standard operation procedures in all our projects until further notice:

- Skeleton crews; no unnecessary crew members. We are asking that only 1 photographer and 1 assistant to the photographer be present.

- If human talent is needed (please see our team human talent available below), we ask that a questionnaire be completed about their previous 14 days and that they pass a health screening as the client sees fit.

- Human talent must change clothes between animals to limit cross contamination.

- As far as masks go, we would prefer that cats not see anyone wearing a mask as it can spook them. The trainers need to remain unmasked to be able to deliver cues as normal.

- The Got Pet-ential team is working from home and will remain in quarantine 10-14 days before any shoot to limit exposure to themselves and preventing passing anything to the cats.

- Hands must be washed between each animal on set.

- Please resist the urge to pet or touch any of the animals.

- We are also being respectful to the animal owners and following their instructions (if any) for the safety of their animals and themselves.

- We have offered to meet owners in the parking lot, bring their pet in to work then return the pet to the owner in the car. This allows us to limit potential exposure to and from pet owners.

- If it is multiple animal shoot, we are asking that only one owner is present on set at a time. We have been doing time slots on the hour for each animal. 

We are also offering in house studio space and in house animal talent for brands needing content during this time who are unable to book studio space. Our animals are excited and ready to work on your next project!

For in house shoots at the Got Pet-ential studio spaces, our guidelines are similar to the above requirements. The only difference is that only in house or Got Pet-ential team animal talent will be used in order to limit exposure to our Got Pet-ential animal facilities.