Bruton Stroube

Click the link below to view casting options for your project. 

Casting Options


The above link will give you access to a selection of animals that fit the specifications for this project. Here are a view pointers to help you navigate through the casting options:

- Flip through categories to view different categories of talent specific to the project

- To view additional animal photos and all of the animals information, click on the main photo of each animal to access their entire profile

- There are two categories once you click on the animals profile, media and info

- The media tab houses all the photos and videos of each animal

- The info tab houses all of the information on an animal (tricks, size, weight, gender, breed, etc)

- You may also print/download a pdf profile summary as well as photos and info by clicking on the printer icon in an individual animals profile.


Click on the empty circle by each animals photo to select them as a final selection - we see in live view on our end the selections and un-selections that are being made. Once final selections are made, please confirm with us so that we know it is completed and decisions are final. We will then contact hired animals from the selections made.

         UNSELECTED                   FINAL SELECTION