New Database Announcement!

Hello animal talent owners!

We have some exciting news to share with you all. This week we are launching a fully functional and interactive database with an animal owner dashboard! This new database will give you all the ability to edit, add, and perfect your pets profiles. We are so excited to get everyone transitioned over to the new database before the new year and know this new database will help both our animal talent owners and our brand clients have the best experience possible with Got Pet-ential!


Here's what the new database is all about:

Here at Got Pet-ential, we are dedicated to providing the best experience for our brand clients AND our animal talent owners. In order to do that, we will be transitioning to the Skybolt system. This system is trending now and becoming an industry norm among production companies as well as human and pet talent agencies. We are starting to get ahead of the game by giving our clients the best experience with Got Pet-ential 


Ability for owners to sign in and edit/update photos, info, etc
Owners can add UNLIMITED photos and videos
You can have multiple animals on one account
We are able to search for animals 100x easier and faster by tricks, looks, and more! 
Direct communication to Got Pet-ential through email, text, or Skybolt dashboard messaging - all correspondence will be forwarded to your Skybolt dashboard, email, and text so you don't miss any opportunities!
Ability to update availability calendar for animals
Tech support through Skybolt - this allows us more time to cater to casting your animals for jobs!

    IMPORTANT TO KNOW:  Skybolt is a paid program. Don't let that turn you away though, REMEMBER, it will pay for itself on your first booked jobIn order to be casted for jobs, everyone in our current database will need to transfer over to the new system. The current database will be taken down before the first of the year and we will no longer have access to it or use it casting purposes. Like any membership or subscription, you can cancel at anytime. Your profile will stay in our database but you will have to reinstate your subscription for us to send your profile off for casting consideration. We will still be able to contact you about jobs on the system if you do cancel your account, but we won't be able to submit your pet for a job until your account has been reinstated for that month.

    Pricing: Animal owners have the option to pay monthly or yearly. It is $108 per year for one animal and $162 per year for unlimited animals. Per month that is only $9 for one animal or $13.50 for unlimited animals. Monthly or yearly payments will be charged by Skybolt, not Got Pet-ential. Due to this, if you come across any payment issues, please reach out to Skybolt directly.

    To sign up on the new database head on over to 

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